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I go to both the medical and dental sides of this practice. This is by far the best medical experience... read more
Lydia Stewart Avatar
Lydia Stewart
Dr. Alvi is wonderful, personable and extremely competent. As an RN I can be quite critical of providers but I... read more
Bobbie Tornblom Avatar
Bobbie Tornblom
I always feel very well taken care of from start to finish of my visit. The ladies at the front... read more
Alexandria Gutierrez Avatar
Alexandria Gutierrez
Dr. Alvi is very nice and personable. She took her time and ensured that i was up to date... read more
Arthur Fenner Avatar
Arthur Fenner
Staff at front desk are rude and do not keep patients waiting of status such as provider running late. ... read more
Sheila Jenkins Avatar
Sheila Jenkins
You website indicates AND clearly reads, "SEDATION DENTISTRY" as one of several services provided. On 08/03/2020 1250 PM your office... read more
HDThumper Avatar
I love this office. The staff is amazing. Very friendly and extremely clean office. Dr. Alvi has an amazing bed... read more
nicol Wentworth Avatar
nicol Wentworth
The dentist Dr Azhar does great work. I just wish the staff was a little bit more professional. The dental... read more
Genie Calinda Avatar
Genie Calinda
My family and I have been seeing Dr. Alvi for years. I’ve always been treated kindly and felt like I... read more
Asia Phillips Avatar
Asia Phillips
Dr. Alvi @ Family Medical Wellness Center always treats me kindly with her expert as a medical doctor. She listen... read more
Jean Young Lee Avatar
Jean Young Lee
Simple, fast, and pleasant experience with my virtual appointment with Dr, Alvi!!
Stacy Wig Avatar
Stacy Wig
I've been going to Dr. Alvi for almost 10 years. I couldn't be happier. Always attentive and answers all my... read more
Brian Avaritt Avatar
Brian Avaritt
I have a terrible history of getting blood drawn due to rolling veins, and I typically pass out, so I... read more
Shannon R Avatar
Shannon R
Dr Alvi is an excellent physician. She listens and gives excellent advice. Very competent. Her office staff is great!
Anshu Sinha Avatar
Anshu Sinha
Dr. Alvi has been our family doctor for over 3 years now and she has been very polite in answering... read more
Shylaja P Avatar
Shylaja P
Dr. Alvi is always thorough, caring, and just a genuinely great doctor
Matt Archibald Avatar
Matt Archibald
Family Medical and Dental is an overall great place for primary care! The ladies at the front desk are so... read more
Anna Blendermann Avatar
Anna Blendermann
The Family Medical Wellness Center is a very professional clinic. The doctors and the staff are very cordial and competent.... read more
Zeba Sabuhi Avatar
Zeba Sabuhi
I find Dr. Alvi to be very competent, helpful, personable and compassionate. You cannot ask for anything more in... read more
Phil Cogan Avatar
Phil Cogan
Always good. Dr Alvi is lovely. She is always efficient and responsive, no matter how tired or stressed... read more
Sally Jones Avatar
Sally Jones
Really good experience. Felt personal even though it was through the phone. No complaints!
Emily Avatar
Very nice and helpful
Kevin Reed Avatar
Kevin Reed
Dr. Alvi, Jen and the entire staff are very attentive and patient-oriented - it is refreshing to find healthcare professionals... read more
David Greene Avatar
David Greene
Dr Alvi and her staff are always very friendly and cordial, she always makes me feel much better as she... read more
Eric Winemiller Avatar
Eric Winemiller
Dr. Alvi & staff are amazing. Always treated like Family and All staff go above and beyond for all there patients.
Summer Escobar-Black Avatar
Summer Escobar-Black
Great, thorough and very convienient!
Dan Peoples Avatar
Dan Peoples
I really love everyone that is there, especially Dr.Alvi. I feel very comfortable when I go there. I like the... read more
Bonnie Schmelyun Avatar
Bonnie Schmelyun
This physician provides an excellent care. The Staff members are awesome! I will recommend Dr. Alvi to anyone.
Shola Johnson Avatar
Shola Johnson
Update on Dec 2, 2020: My opinion about Dr Alvin's practice has not changed, in fact, it's been confirmed over... read more
Dennis Meizys Avatar
Dennis Meizys
I am a patient of both Dr Azhar and Dr. Alvi. I came to Dr. Alvi initially, desperate to... read more
Susan Larson Avatar
Susan Larson
Be carefull!!,they will charge you're credit card ,which they keep on file, and take you're money without any warning or... read more
Terry M Avatar
Terry M
called on short notice,that I was out of meds, by end of dy received a call from Pharmcist it was... read more
Stephen Mexia Avatar
Stephen Mexia
One of the "Best patient care" from the min you schedule an appointment to the time you walk out after... read more
Washington Redskins Avatar
Washington Redskins
Effective and efficient.
Marla Peoples Avatar
Marla Peoples
Dr. Rubina Alvi is very attentive and caring. She will look beyond the stated/obvious and treat you for everything you... read more
Gaby Irizarry Avatar
Gaby Irizarry
Dr Alvi has always been friendly and responsive. Highly Recommended
Robert Henry Avatar
Robert Henry
Dr Alvi is great. I love having the opportunity to get blood work and a a pap smear all... read more
Patty Mory Avatar
Patty Mory
Best service and great people. Im so lucky to have found this office.
Onesha Oliver Avatar
Onesha Oliver
she is so wonderful and kind. I am so glad she is my PCP
Maribeth Hampton Avatar
Maribeth Hampton
Dr. Alvi is professional and she listened to you thoroughly.
Mudassar Nazir Avatar
Mudassar Nazir
Dr. Alvi and her staff are fantastic! Dr. Alvi follows-up on every health issue. She connects all of my... read more
Trina Porter Avatar
Trina Porter
Dr. Alvi @ Family Medical Wellness Center is always accept me kindly with her expert as a medical doctor. SHe... read more
Jean Young Lee Avatar
Jean Young Lee
The office was so busy and disorganized. I felt rushed and like I wasn't listened to. I felt judged by... read more
Lindsay Segal Avatar
Lindsay Segal
Very satisfied with my tele-health (office closed due to covid) appointment and conversation with the nurse practitioner. She recommended... read more
Lisa Giannetti Avatar
Lisa Giannetti
I love this place.Me and my 4 kids have been patients with Dr.Azhar for the past 2 years and haven’t... read more
Sameera Ahmadi Avatar
Sameera Ahmadi
Effie has a warm bedside manner, gives great feedback and professional suggestions, very caring and concern about her patients.
Shemika Owens Avatar
Shemika Owens
My experience with the staff at Family Medical Wellness Center is always welcoming and comforting. I was so happy to... read more
Toni Meadows Avatar
Toni Meadows
Try this new dentist since it was closer than the previous one I had and what a mistake I made.... read more
Jose De Jesus Avatar
Jose De Jesus
Went to Dr. Alvi for a routine visit and asked her a question that I had about something going on,... read more
J. Bartoš Avatar
J. Bartoš
I have been a patient of the Family Medical Wellness Center for 5+ years and have never been happier with... read more
Maryjean Reiter Avatar
Maryjean Reiter
I have a pleasant experience every time I come to Dr. Alvi's office. She is thorough, and the staff is... read more
meikar87 Avatar
Dr Alvin is a great doctor. I feel completely comfortable with her and appreciate her real concern for and attention... read more
Dawn Steward Avatar
Dawn Steward
I appreciated Dr Alvi still being able to have my visit with me through televisit. She was thorough and we... read more
Heather Finley Avatar
Heather Finley
I started coming to this office over three years ago when I worked in the area. They are absolutely fantastic.... read more
Kristie Myers Avatar
Kristie Myers
I love the staff they are all friendly & very helpful! Mrs. Spranza is wonderful & takes the time to... read more
Rachael Evans Avatar
Rachael Evans
My four teens and I have been patients at this center for the past year. Physicians and office personnel are... read more
Angela Harris Avatar
Angela Harris
My family and I have gone there a few times. The hygienists were always nice. I got 18 X-rays for... read more
Kathy Me Avatar
Kathy Me
Dr. Alvi is very thorough and detailed. Love the office ambiance, staff and care.
Jewel Engerman-Glover Avatar
Jewel Engerman-Glover
Great Customer Service, Friendly environment. 😃
Deborah Bowman Avatar
Deborah Bowman
I am a new patient to this practice and it has been such a joy so far. The ladies at... read more
Karin Greene Avatar
Karin Greene
Best staff ever. Truly the nicest people in an office you'll ever meet. Very caring Np and Dr. Make this... read more
Lynn Satche Avatar
Lynn Satche
The staff are warm, polite, courteous, and efficient! Drs Alvi and Azhar are caring and compassionate practitioners and are very... read more
Maripaz Felix Avatar
Maripaz Felix
Dr. Alvi is a wonderful doctor! She took the time to understand my health and life experience, and she... read more
GM Vienna Avatar
GM Vienna
I was trying to tell the nurse practitioner how depressed and hopeless I was feeling (along with the almost constant... read more
Hailey P Avatar
Hailey P
Love Dr. Alvi for her excellent patient care. I would recommend Dr. alvi to everyone.
Shakila Jahan Avatar
Shakila Jahan
I started going to Dr Alvi because my primary doctor changed her way of taking patients. My son used... read more
Sheila Keller Avatar
Sheila Keller
Dr Alvi and her staff are amazing. I’ve been coming to this office for 6 years and always feel heard,... read more
Lindsay Nisbett Avatar
Lindsay Nisbett
This is one of the best primary care in Howard county. The staff is very helpful, they amaze me each... read more
Sadiqa Ashraf Avatar
Sadiqa Ashraf
Love this place! I've been to both the Medical side and the Dental side and liked both sisters equally. They're... read more
Sarah Kent Avatar
Sarah Kent
Disgusted. The so called manager “Shannon” did nothing except defend and argue when I called upset how my daughter was... read more
Sharon Greeson Avatar
Sharon Greeson
I had a wonderful experience with Effie Pinkrahe today at my annual physical. She was thorough, considerate, and gave me... read more
Lauren Brick Avatar
Lauren Brick
Dr. Alvi is always so kind and thorough. Wonderful bedside manner!
Kathryn Palmieri-Coonley Avatar
Kathryn Palmieri-Coonley
Great staff, Deana helped me,
Mintu Pinky Avatar
Mintu Pinky
Another very good visit to Family Wellness Center. Everyone is so friendly and so helpful.
Anne Pillow Avatar
Anne Pillow
The Family Medical Wellness Center is a very professional clinic. The doctors and the staff are very cordial and competent.... read more
Syed Ameen Avatar
Syed Ameen
NP Pinkrahe, was very sweet and kind! She was gentle and soft spoken, she listened to everything I said and... read more
Kanwal Mahmood Avatar
Kanwal Mahmood
Dr. Alvi and NP, Patricia Hayden are the best in the business. They are caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. ... read more
dani norsworthy Avatar
dani norsworthy
My mother and sister are both their patients, and love this place, for its care and quality of service.
Imtiaz Minhas Avatar
Imtiaz Minhas
Effe is an excellent practitioner and staff are very caring. This review is for medical side not dental office.
Adwoa Ode Avatar
Adwoa Ode
Dr. Alvi is always kind to answer your questions and listens patiently. She never rushes her diagnosis and makes sure... read more
Nisha Mada Avatar
Nisha Mada
I had to find a new doctor when my previous doctor of 20+ years would no longer see me without... read more
Barry Jedrick Avatar
Barry Jedrick
Love everyone thar works their. They're always so nice. Even had a problem with getting things done.
Bonnie Carlisle Avatar
Bonnie Carlisle
I always take the time to search high and low for an experienced and well versed doctor. I was THRILLED... read more
Uyai E. Avatar
Uyai E.
I love the office staff and my primary care doctor Rubina Alvi.I can recommend this office to every one.
Janos Csorba Avatar
Janos Csorba
Effie is an excellent practitioner; I could not have been more pleased with my visit. She was very thorough to... read more
Ingrid Shanklin Avatar
Ingrid Shanklin
Have been going to this office for years. Love Dr. Alvi and the staff. Always so helpful. Dr. Alvi is... read more
Angela T Avatar
Angela T
I had a wonderful first experience with NP Effie Pinkrahe. She was warm, considerate and patient. Finding medical professionals... read more
Dana Nichelle Avatar
Dana Nichelle
I visited the family dental wellness center recently and was very pleased with the doctor and staffs' professionalism. The doctor... read more
Joann Schemm Avatar
Joann Schemm
Very understanding, helpful and patient
Jean Rosenberg Avatar
Jean Rosenberg
dr alvi and dr azhar are simply put outstanding! Great service from secretaries, nurses and... read more
ed connelly Avatar
ed connelly
I have been a patient of the Family Medical Wellness Center for 5+ years and have never been happier with... read more
Maryjean Reiter Avatar
Maryjean Reiter
I always feel so comfortable and we are always greeted as soon as we walk into the Family Medical Wellness... read more
Kisha Avatar
Awesome, professional and extremely knowledgeable providers. Thank you.
Anthony Johnson Sr Avatar
Anthony Johnson Sr
Everyone is very nice and caring. They take the time to listen and answer any questions or concerns that I... read more
Heather Finley Avatar
Heather Finley
Effe is an excellent practitioner and staff are very caring. This review is for medical side not dental office.
Bernice Aidoo Avatar
Bernice Aidoo
Always, first class treatment. Well organized front office and super professional PA's and nurses. Of course Dr. Alvi... read more
Eva Nelson Avatar
Eva Nelson
I had a pain free dental cleaning with Mellisa. She is great with her patient and very thorough. ... read more
nenita connelly Avatar
nenita connelly
Excellent service
gowtham mandapati Avatar
gowtham mandapati
Dr Alvi and everyone at Family Wellness Center are awesome!
Sue Haas Avatar
Sue Haas
I noticed this family dental clinic that is located adjacent to family medical clinic few months ago, when I... read more
Palchamy Elango Avatar
Palchamy Elango
Dr. Alvi, Ms. Melissa, NP and the entire office associates are superb and amazingly compassionate. Dr Alvi is an active... read more
Peiku Chandhok Avatar
Peiku Chandhok
Everyone at this office is extremely kind and attentive. I have never felt more comfortable going to the doctor or... read more
zainab malik Avatar
zainab malik
Recently, I had my general checkup with Dr. Alvi. As always, I never feel rushed and she is very... read more
Colleen Quinnhouse Avatar
Colleen Quinnhouse
Dr. Alvi and staff are very friendly and professional. They take good care of my husband and I, no matter... read more
Rhonkisha Graham Avatar
Rhonkisha Graham
I hadn't been to the dentist in 2 years and they made my experience an awesome welcome back. When making... read more
Charmaine Taylor Avatar
Charmaine Taylor
Dr. Alvi and her staff are a rare gem in the Medical Industry. Dr. Alvi has been my PCP for... read more
Trina Ruark Avatar
Trina Ruark
Dr. Alvi has always handled me with care. I have actually become healthier because of her. She works with her... read more
Tackya Hoilett Avatar
Tackya Hoilett
Dr. Alvi is one of the best doctors I've seen in a long time. I feel seen, heard and understood.... read more
Dionne Gray Avatar
Dionne Gray
When I arrived for my latest visit (almost twenty minutes late, due to a car issue), I was a complete... read more
Lawrence Appel Avatar
Lawrence Appel
Everyone was very friendly, valued my time and listened attentively.
jen patro Avatar
jen patro
I always get absolutely excellent care here. Nurse specialist Pinkrahe is highly competent , thorough, communicates well, listens well, is... read more
Abbé Sidery Avatar
Abbé Sidery
The staff is friendly and the doctor takes her time with you. My husband went to the dentist side and... read more
Sara Amato Avatar
Sara Amato
My first visit was quite professional as far as my introduction of my medical history and feedback I received from... read more
Gail Dorsey Avatar
Gail Dorsey
Dr. Alvi is a knowledgeable and amazing provider who cares deeply for her patients and employees. Thank you everyone in... read more
Ladane omar Avatar
Ladane omar
Dr. Alvi and her staff are tremendous! Dr. Alvi literally saved my life by having my PSA checked in my... read more
Wlliam Snook Avatar
Wlliam Snook
Dr.Alvi is really great. I am glad to chose her as my primary care physician. Recommended.
Taner Budiyar Avatar
Taner Budiyar
Unprofessional . Got there and that is when they told me my insurance didn’t go through instead of telling me... read more
Tiffany Bruce Avatar
Tiffany Bruce
Update on Dec 2, 2020: My opinion about Dr Alvin's practice has not changed, in fact, it's been confirmed over... read more
Dennis Meizys Avatar
Dennis Meizys
I had a great experience with the NP at my visit. The staff was friendly and was able to get... read more
Samantha Caesar Avatar
Samantha Caesar
Dr Alvi. She is the best always and very friendly and very helpful always listen to you understand you... read more
Syed Yazdani Avatar
Syed Yazdani
It’s always so nice to see a smiling face and someone that genuinely cares about your health and issues .... read more
Head Chicken Tender Avatar
Head Chicken Tender
Spranza was great, very thorough and did not rush appointment. Listened to all the issues I had and addressed... read more
Scabby Avatar
Nurse Practitioner Pinkrahe was very attentive. She listened to my concerns and examined me very well. She also... read more
Stephanie Nanton Avatar
Stephanie Nanton
From the time My wife an I walked in nothing but smiles all threw the building. We love the Great... read more
Keith Waller Avatar
Keith Waller
The dr and staff are friendly and my daughter had a good experience with them.
kim talbott Avatar
kim talbott
Dr. Alvi cares about her patients. She takes time to listen to concerns, collect data, and give informed advice/treatment.... read more
Candy Swift Avatar
Candy Swift
I’ve continued to see Dr. Joe for my maintenance care throughout this pandemic. Incredibly impressed with the office cleanliness and... read more
Riann Silliman Avatar
Riann Silliman
Please go somewhere else and save your money. The worst by far!
tina yani Avatar
tina yani
My entire family have been patients of both the Family Medical Wellness Center and the Family Dental Wellness Centers. We... read more
Philip Daigle Avatar
Philip Daigle
Clean facility, Doctor Alvi and her staff is very professional and courteous.
Ali khan Avatar
Ali khan
See I'm alive and well. Plus I'm feeling GREAT! That speaks volumes of the Doctor's ability BECAUSE... read more
g b Avatar
g b
That is the best rating i can give.
ranjit kumar Avatar
ranjit kumar
NCP Spranza took time to listen to my concerns. She was courteous, friendly and so were all the staff members.... read more
Suraj Girwan Thapa Avatar
Suraj Girwan Thapa
Awesome staff/doctors. SO glad I switched to them years ago. Highly recommended.
robert almond Avatar
robert almond
The office staff is amazing! The dentist and all assistants go above and beyond. I am terrified of... read more
Jennifer Kohan Avatar
Jennifer Kohan
I don’t have anything negative to say about the visit with them. I loved the nurse practitioner, Effie Pinkrahe!
Amanda Davis Avatar
Amanda Davis
*Long but important to read and consider*I must agree with some other reviewers regarding Dr. Azhar on the dental side... read more
Nikki Williamson Avatar
Nikki Williamson
I went here to get something checked out, and even though I had to get a referral to go to... read more
Young Anthony Avatar
Young Anthony
I love the staff here at Family Medical Wellness Center. They are personable and professional, above all they care. In... read more
Jillyann Frenche Avatar
Jillyann Frenche
Had a very good experience with Dr. Alvi. She was thorough and took the needed time to answer all my... read more
Nancy Deems Avatar
Nancy Deems
Staff was friendly and professional. The Physician I saw was knowledgeable and pleasant. Felt very at ease, and will definitely... read more
Rob Stokes Avatar
Rob Stokes